Introducing SAFE PROP

SAFE PROP is a unique and innovative product that makes back propping more efficient and most importantly safer.

Making suspended slab construction safer!

As you know, constructing suspended slab floors creates a number of safety risks which need to be managed. So, what if you could completely eliminate several of those risks with a simple and cost effective adjustment to your back props? Safe Prop is a unique and innovative product that makes back propping more efficient and most importantly safer.

This patented innovative safety product is a universal one size fits all, can be reused and has been designed and engineered to meet Australian and European standards.

If safety is a priority for your company, Safe Prop can help you deliver safer projects.

SAFE PROP Solution

Efficient and most importantly safer


Set & forget, no screws or adjustments required.

The SAFE PROP Advantage

  1. Prevents serious injuries: The patented spring loaded attachment prevents the back props from falling over during the curing and post stressing period.
  2. Increases efficiency: Removing the need to drill support screws onto prop heads means installation is quick and easy, saving time and cost.
  3. Maintains structural integrity: Removing the need to drill support screws reduces the risk of concrete cancer occurring and prevents contact with the post stressing cables.

The Existing Propping System

Falling props and drilling, creating safety and concrete issues

Image of multiple props holding up ceiling slab using the old system before Safe Prop.
Photo of the old insecure version of propping before Safe Prop.

Design & Manufacture

Safe Prop is an innovative engineered design that is safe and cost effective

Image one of model view of Safe Prop.
Image two showing Safe Prop in cad view.
Image three showing an opaque or x-ray view of the inner design of Safe Prop.

One Size Fits All


Fitting Safe Prop

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Safe Prop Install / Uninstall

Designed & manufactured to meet Australian, European & American Standards.

Technical Data Brochure

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LMATS Laboratories logo, the company who test the manufacture materials Safe Prop is made of.

LMATS Laboratories

LMATS Laboratories for Materials Advanced Testing Services complete all our product testing to Australian Standards.

Click on the image to download the tensile test PDF for Safeprop.
Click on the image to download the compression data PDF.
Click on the image to download the load test data PDF.

Engineer Certification

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RPEQ Certification

RPEQ Certification

We have focused on delivering structural solutions that are cost effective and tailored to meet the changing market, site conditions and geographical constraints.

We differentiate our offering through combining the latest technology, construction techniques and innovative ideas to provide unique solutions to complex projects.



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